Top 5 Profitable Business Ideas For 2020

Business Ideas For 2020

Do you wish to start an online business or are you looking for a profitable business idea? Then, there might be hundreds of questions flooding in your mind. You don’t have to focus on all the questions, because today, the digital world provides tons of opportunities both to business people and to the individuals that are in a job. In this guide, we have listed the top 5 online business ideas for 2020 that can even be started as part-time hustle.

The greatest thing about these ideas is that they are low-cost start-up ideas to start from your home. Isn’t it great? Yes, it is. Let’s get started.

Profitable Business Ideas For 2020
Profitable Business Ideas For 2020

Top 5 Business Ideas For 2020

Start A Blog

Blogs are informational websites that share a writer’s view over a specific topic. You can write about your passion for your blog and make a decent amount of side income. To sum up, find a niche, offer evergreen, and relevant content.

If you succeed in offering value to your readers, you can also make $ 1 million per month just like CopyBlogger. Yes, you heard it correctly. Blogging has immense earning potential in the long run. Apart from making online, you can refine writing skills, build wide-network.

Business Ideas For 2020Affiliate Marketing

It is similar to being a digital salesman. You make a commission every time a customer buys a product from your website using an affiliate link. Platforms like eBay and Amazon offer commission up to 10% on a purchased item. This makes it one among the top business ideas for 2020.

If you are a beginner, build a free professional website using Wix, and make money passively.

Social Media Consultancy

Low Investment Business Ideas For 2020
Low Investment Business Ideas For 2020

Social media consultant reaches out and engages with customers on behalf of a company. It’s a low investment business idea with huge potential. You can earn big bucks if you fulfill the company’s business objectives. The interesting thing about it that you can target small or medium companies and earn $15-$250+ an hour. Social media has experienced exponential growth, so it’s the best time to seize the opportunity.

Sell Crafts Online

You can sell your creative craft on various platforms and make money online. All-time favorite ideas include a printed t-shirt, curated gifts, and traditional handcrafted products. Moreover, you can build your digital storefront and redirect traffic.

Some of its benefits are lower set up, flexibility, scale-ability, less time-intensive, and higher margins.

Self-Publishing eBooks

The Internet has replaced the traditional publishing process. Now, you no longer have to deal with publishing agents and other strict barriers. You can publish your eBooks online easily and successfully. In addition to this, you can sell eBooks on your website as well.

The key is to promote your eBook online. Moreover, take the help of your social media accounts to catch more eyes.

Final Thoughts

As per your skills, pocket-size, and interest, choose any of the business ideas for 2020 and start making a decent income. In conclusion, the right idea will allow you to make big leaps than others. Are you ready to take the first step toward becoming a self-made entrepreneur?

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