How To Be Great? Does Confidence Play Any Role?

Essential Attributes That Every Great Athlete Has

Be great. That is what you are born for. Do great things, for the greatness in you will only shine if you do good deeds continuously. Not everyone can be great. Not everyone can strive to be great. But, most people strive to be great. According to research, millions of people google ‘how to be great, ‘how to be perfect’ and ‘how to be a genius’. This indicates that even though people don’t admit to having a yearning for being great, they secretly want to strive and prove themselves.

How To Be Great? Does Confidence Play Any Role Here?
How To Be Great? Does Confidence Play Any Role Here?

Be Great; Be Good Consistently

Greatness cannot be achieved for once. If you are great for once, there is a big chance that you were blessed with luck and good fortune. Your genes play an important role too. If you are blessed with intelligent parents you should thank them. However, if your genes are not favourable, it is not your parents’ fault. It passes on from generations above. If you cannot be great, try to be good at small things. For example, if you bring small changes in your life, you can move ahead towards greatness. Follow a routine. Wake up early. Start your day early and sleep on time. Do not take things, work or people for granted.

It is difficult to stick to projects that are long and tiring. They may be boring, but if you are working hard consistently, you may have gratifying results. Don’t give up on failures, people or relationships. A person is great when he is adamant to make things work for him, even if the situation is adverse.

How To Be Great? Does Confidence Play Any Role Here?
How To Be Great? Does Confidence Play Any Role Here?

The Output Depends Upon The Input

The result always depends upon the amount of hard work we put in. ‘What We Reap Is What We Sow’. Consistency is the primary quality that you need to be famous. You always see a successful and great personality on TV or News. You aspire to be like him. But have you ever realized how much hard work and how many failures have the guy suffered to reach the height where he is today? The hardships he had to face are probably unseen and unheard of.

It is very important to be progressive. But it certainly doesn’t mean that if you are going in the wrong direction, you will keep going. Stop, think and contemplate. It is very important to learn and unlearn every day. A person who can learn new things will always succeed. If the person is proud and stubborn, he may soon deplete his chance of being great. Very wisely said, a person who thinks he is ’well-known’ cannot be famous at all. A person has to be grounded, compassionate and humble. These are the keys to be great.

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