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Easy Businesses And Some Ideas To Go With It-

Small Business Ideas for Beginners

Easy businesses are many to count on. However, given the propensity and mortality rate of startups, it would seem that ANY business is easy to START. The problematic part is operating it successfully and sustainably. The degree of difficulty in running a company depends on the expertise of the owner. Things that make businesses challenging to operate are hiring/managing employees, financial management, growth/marketing, planning, and even sales. Businesses are all difficult to run, but there are many lifestyle businesses (really more like hobbies) that are relatively easy.

Easy Businesses And Some Ideas To Go With It-
Easy Businesses And Some Ideas To Go With It-

Easy Businesses: Skills Can Make You Run One

If you have a knack for cutting hair, there is the 1-person salon or barbershop. Like flowers? Open a small florist shop. Mechanically inclined? Auto repair shop. Masseuse? Open up your very own massage business. The options are just_about limitless. As a “1-man band,” you can truly set your hours and make your own decisions. Your income is only limited by how much you want to work.

The commonality is that, if you have the skills, all you need to do is show up for work and do your thing. There is no growth potential to worry about, no employees, and you could even operate it as a sole proprietorship, so even fewer financial headaches. Marketing is limited because people don’t go to a barbershop for lunch, they go to get a haircut! People will come to you if they know where you are. The only real planning you might need to do is figure out when you are going to take that 2-week vacation!

There is an easy way and a more complicated way. Both have advantages and drawbacks. Which is right for you?

Service businesses are the easiest, in my opinion. If you can provide a simple service, then your only job is to find clients, provide the service, and take the money. You can start that up in a few hours.

This is NOT the type of business I would suggest you start for a long term business, though. The main reason is that it can be much harder to scale than a business that sells a product.

Easy Businesses And Some Ideas To Go With It-
Easy Businesses And Some Ideas To Go With It-

Some More Options To Consider

Another great business that’s easy to start is a business where you sell information. You can teach people something you already know, and it scales well. You can even use Udemy (or a similar site) for everything. Throw in a little Facebook traffic and some podcast interviews, and you’ll be good to go. Set it up once, and then it’s all about promotion.

I think this is a valid question and not lazy at all. Discounting whatever skills you may have ( doing something you’re good at /passionate about is always seems easier ). I don’t know if these are the ‘easiest,’ but they are easier than most.

Established businesses often become available fully loaded, such as restaurants and shops. For the most part, you take over the business while it’s still running with staff/accounts/products/processes/customers, and it’s your job to make it run better than it did before, so you don’t go the way of the old owners.  

eCommerce is another great and easy business idea. Technically you can set up a shop and just sell with next to no outlay. Combined with a good ‘drop shipping’ partner, you don’t even need to hold onto the stock your selling. Just get an order and place it on. You don’t even need to leave the house for this one. 

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