Campsites Locations In the Lake District

Campsites Locations In the Lake District

Campsites for tents are often very different from the tent sites on a house. They are usually quite wide and need more room than they do in a standard house. Consequently, you should look for a camping space that is wide and uncluttered.

How To Pick Campsites For Tents?

Campsites for tents have always been well-known for being useful during a storm. There is so much open space in these campsites that campers are often able to simply hike out in the storm. This is really important when you consider how popular many camping areas are during the summer.

Campsites Locations In the Lake District
Campsites Locations In the Lake District

The Lake District offers some very good locations for camping in tents. Here are just a few of the camping locations in the Lake District.

Which Are The Best Campsite Locations?

Cheddar Valley/Dinnerhorn – This campsite is tucked away from the main roads, but still within the ‘national park’ boundary. Whilst it is not advertised, this is a popular campsite for families who want privacy and the ability to cook outside.

Whitchurch Fells – Whitchurch Fells National Park has a few water sports facilities for those wanting to swim. While the park is full of campsites and activities for those looking for something a little more simple.

Creag Moors – This campsite sits within the Tredegar National Park and has car parking facilities. It is also known as the ‘excellent beach camping site’ and provides a perfect location to relax and rest after a day at the local water sports center.

Campsites Locations In the Lake District
Campsites Locations In the Lake District

Thorpe Valley – This site is at the foot of the Morwenstow Trail and sits close to the main access road. It has a peaceful lake surrounding it and is popular with families. This site is quite peaceful and you’ll love spending time with your partner.

Warwickshire – This campground is a scenic site that boasts of large expanses of open grassland and hills. This is a great site for families and those who would like to get away from it all.

The New Forest – This camping site is a very popular site that offers some great scenery and a spot where you can find out about the local wildlife. It is also close to the major rail and tube stations.

The New Forest – This campsite is surrounded by beautiful woodland and mountains. It also offers something of a mini forest, perfect for a picnic. If you are traveling with family, then this location is perfect.

The Yerms Hill – This location is located in the Fox Hollow Wood area, offering stunning views of the surrounding countryside. It is well-known for the beauty of the area and is a popular site for families.

Final Words

The Yerms is also a good camping site which is surrounded by forests and is amongst the most secluded. The camp has been built to offer top quality camping facilities and is a popular location for families who want to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Now, you’ll be able to choose any location according to your preference.

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